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Ergonomic Safety Products

Welcome to the main section of ergonomic safety products. Texas America Safety Company offers back supports, wrist supports, knee pads, lifting gloves, and other safety products designed to save the wear and tear of the human body. Many sizes, colors, and options are available in the product line below.

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Allegro All Fit Back Support

High performance 9 1/2" wide belt design offers full support and fit for most wearers from small to large. Comfortable neoprene pad fits center of back over spine.

Allegro Spanbak®

Spanbak back support belts features a two-part closing design in breathable spandex backed with rubber grip webbing to help prevent ride-up. Plastic-coated carbon steel stays provide support and strength.


Flexbak helps reduce back stress and strain with a design so unique it's patented. Its three-part support is the key to a system that provides maximum back support with ease of movement.

Allegro Maxbak®

Maximum support in a weightlifting-style belt. A five-inch back and four-inch front panel deliver effective support.

Allegro Liftbak

A rugged 5" belt with rigid foam that forms to the body for maximum support. Buckle and locking closure holds securely yet allows easy adjustment.

Allegro Bodybelt

The Bodybelt offers a serious nine-inch wide back support with two-part closure.

Allegro Economy Hi-Vis

Offers the added safety of high-visibility lime suspenders and side elastic pulls.

OK Standard Back Support Belts

This premium model belt features strong power-knit nylon and elastic construction, is designed for people who lift average weight loads or are involved in repetitive motion at work.

OK Universal Back Support Belts

Designed for moderate requirements, this Universal Back Support belt will fit waist sizes ranging from 26 inches to 48 inches.

OK Heavy Lifting Belts

OK-1's patented Model SS is the industry's premier heavy lifting belt. Designed specifically for heavy load lifting, the belts' inner core includes a built-in lumbar pad that provides support to the lower lumbar region of the spine

Allegro Dual-Flex

For firm support, the Dual-Flex contains four stays on the front and back of the wrist to limit flexion (downward) and extension (upward) movement and encourage neutral wrist position.

Allegro Maxrist®

Maxrist offers a restrictive metal spoon stay that fits in the palm to eliminate the symptoms of CTS and other repetitive strain injuries. Its lightweight flexible material does not hinder finger movement.

Allegro Ristrap

An elastic wrapping for the wrist that helps support it while lifting or during other activities.

Allegro Thin Flexrist

Same great features as Flexrist, but slightly thinner to fit easily into work gloves

Pyramex 9 Inch Back Support Belts

Some of the features of this fine product includes non-stretch Velcro® brand front panels ,surgical elastic back and tension straps, double hook front closure and vented surgical elastic back

Allegro Deluxe Elbow Pad

This strong support offers abrasion-resistant flexible caps backed by soft foam padding. Fully adjustable Velcro closures along with elastic sleeves provide a comfortable, custom fit. One size fits all.

Allegro Gel Knee

Made of Neoprene with a soft, unique, abrasion-resistant, flexible rubber cap with rivets for added durability and Silica gel pad insert for maximum comfort. A 2" wide strap features a Velcro closure for a snug fit.

Allegro Maxknee

Perfect for kneeling on rough abrasive surfaces, MaxKnee is excellent for any application that demands maximum performance. It is designed with a hard ABS knee cap that resists abrasion and works with an extra long pad for optimum comfort.

Allegro Quickmax

For fast and easy attachment, our MaxKnee is available with this unique quick release buckle that eliminates the need for readjusting the straps.

Allegro Flexknee

Grueling deep knee work requires tough protection. Designed with lightweight pads capped by large abrasion-resistant rubber caps for long-lasting wear.

Allegro Black Flexknee

The favored pad of government and municipal workers, the Black FlexKnee offers the same features as our popular FlexKnee, including Velcro straps.

Allegro Non-Marking Flexknee

A non-marking polyurethane cap is used on our FlexKnee to allow workers to move around the work area without marking or damaging a delicate surface such as tiling.

Allegro Softknee

A tough blend of cloth and foam make these pads extra comfortable and easy to wear in nonabrasive environments. They slip on and off quickly without straps or buckle attachments.

Allegro Deluxe Softknee

An extra wide foam pad makes this knee pad the most comfortable in the industry. Designed with a tough water-resistant cover and no kneecaps, it is perfect for jobs where protecting the work surface is a primary concern.

Allegro Value Plus Knee Pad

The most cost effective knee pad in dirty, dusty environments. Comes with two fully adjustable straps with Velcro closure for a custom fit. The ABS cap is stitched on for greater strength and won't allow particles underneath to cause discomfort.

Allegro Deluxe QuickFlex

Offering the most protection available, our Deluxe QuickFlex is a completely unique knee pad.

Allegro Welding Knee

Tough heat-resistant leather that wraps over the top and down the back of the pad offering maximum protection from flying sparks

Allegro Standard Knee Pads

One piece molded construction offers greater comfort at low cost. Adjustable Velcro straps ensure a secure fit.

Allegro Contour Knee Pad

This soft 1/2" foam rubber pad is contoured to the shape of the knee. It's designed to allow easy side to side movement on hard surfaces and can be used in wet environments.

Allegro Economy Contour Knee Pad

Lightweight and low profile. Our 1/2" outer foam design allows for greater comfort and flexible spring back memory.

Allegro Deluxe Elbow Pad

This strong support offers abrasion-resistant flexible caps backed by soft foam padding. Fully adjustable Velcro closures along with elastic sleeves provide a comfortable, custom fit.

Allegro Ultra FlexKnee

Ultra durable, ultra flexible, ultra comfortable, the lightweight Ultra FlexKnee is ribbed across the knee for easy flexing, and maximum comfort above the knee.

Mechanix Deluxe Team Issue Knee Pad

For professional pit crews that demand extra support and protection. Team Issue Knee Pads are heavy-duty in design and can really go the distance.

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