Customization Services

Customization Services

For any business, the company’s name is important. Making sure that the name gets out there where people can see it and remember it is a cornerstone of marketing. There is a reason why large companies always put their names in giant letters on their trucks when they are driving around. It is because the best way to get people to want to do business with you is to get them to see your company as an authority in its sector.

At Texas America Safety Company, we make sure that all your constructions safety needs are met, but we also make sure that all your marketing needs are met as well.

Whether it’s putting your name and logo on a hard hat for your workers to wear all day, putting a screen print on some safety vests for the workers at the new construction site, or even putting a nice logo on your safety goggles that you want your workers to wear in the factory, we’re able to put your company on the map!

One of the biggest mistakes we see here at Texas America Safety Company is that construction companies simply choose not to put any kind of identifier on their hard hats. Construction sites get a lot of attention, as do the workers. This is a great opportunity for a company to let people know who they are and the kind of work they are capable of doing.

When people see a construction company doing a good job while following safety regulations, and they are able to see the name or logo on their hard hats, they immediately remember that company and will think about it the next time they need a construction company to help them in the future.

Hard Hat Logo Imprinting

We offer many different services available for putting identifiers onto hard hats. One such service is imprinting. This puts a permanent imprint onto the hard hat. This process results in a high-quality finish that used to be reserved for large companies that need many hard hats.

In order to qualify for our imprinting services, a minimum number of hats must be ordered. There will be a one-time molding and setup fee, and the time for delivery will be several weeks. We provide three different suppliers to perform this service, and each has their own unique methods from which to choose.

If you have requirements that are more modest for your hard hats, we have much simpler options available. We can provide decals to put on your hard hats personalized with your name and logo. This option has no minimum order requirements and no setup fee is involved. One other option to consider is multicolored stickers. This is an easy method of adding a company logo to any piece of equipment. This option has a very fast delivery time, and the minimum order levels are very low.

Personalized Safety Vests

Hard hats are not the only piece of equipment that Texas America Safety Company is able to customize. Safety vests are another very important and very recognizable piece of protective gear that can impress potential customers very quickly. For safety vests, we offer two great options. We can add a heat stamp to mesh safety vests that can create one color or multi-color images on any mesh vest. We also offer print screening, the same kind of technology used to make t-shirt designs. Print screening can be used on any solid material safety vests. Print screening can also provide one color or several different colors, and the setup cost is very low.

Imprinted Safety Glasses

Finally, a piece of safety equipment that is often forgotten - safety glasses. We can very easily add logos and prints to safety goggles through imprinting and stickers. Safety Goggles get a lot of attention and having a unique logo on a pair of safety goggles will make your employees proud to be part of the team.

Branding is vital to any kind of company, even construction companies. Texas America Safety Company is the best at what we do, and we look forward to helping your company with all your imprinting and logo needs. We can imprint many different kinds of products, so feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. Give Doug Turner a call at 1-800-646-5346.

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