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Texas America Safety Company
Wholesaling (Reselling) Information:

Texas America Safety Company Wholesaling Information

     Here at Texas America Safety Company we specialize in safety products. We offer safety glasses, hard hats, safety vests, earplugs, work gloves and many other occupational safety products for you. We sell to all kinds of people and businesses and would love to work with you if you are interested in becoming a wholesaler or reseller.

     Our business is family owned and was formed in 1992. We are located in Brownwood, Texas but we provide equipment to people all over the world. We started out by only dealing with the oil and gas industry locally and have been able to expand to a business that sells all over the world. We would love for you to work with us and help to sell our amazing products to those who need them.

Wholesaler Access

     Our website was developed in 1996 and is the main way that we sell our products. We are always working to update and improve the website for our customers. We also have a separate website that our wholesalers can use – just request access.

     To be able to qualify as an online dealership the following must be satisfied: the company (you) must be a reseller or a distributor, the company can have any number of employees, the company must be in good standing with Net30 credit or any other credit card, and anyone (including you) that uses our website images, design or text MUST purchase these products directly from Texas America Safety Company.

     Once you sign up and get approved you can sign in and look at all the products we offer and what they would cost you at resale price. You will also be able to queue drop ship orders from our site. We do not charge you any fees and there are no minimum amounts that you must order.

Benefits of the TASCO Wholesaler Program

     We offer you a lot of benefits if you are a wholesaler or reseller for us. You will be able to set up a thirty-day term for your qualified applicants. You can accept online orders in many different ways such as; credit cards, PayPal or even Net30 Billing. We try to make it easy for you to give your customer plenty of options.

     You can reassure your clients that there is a 100% guarantee on all of the products they order.

     If your client is so inclined, they can order $300 or more ($1000 or more for gloves and rain-suits) and you can offer them free shipping. The website you have access to that your customers can order through has fast ordering, delivery and service. We pride ourselves on having a site that will help you succeed in your sales.

     Other perks that you might want to keep in mind when it comes to being a wholesaler for us is that the site offers you a way to easily verify receipts and track your supplies at the end of your day. You can also make sure to stock up on items that you know will be in demand even if they are not currently available on the website at that particular time.



Wanting to Get Set Up?


If you want to purchase wholesale with Credit Card   Click Here  


If you want to apply for a wholesale Net 30 Account   Click Here  


Or, you can…


  • Qualify by Fax. Send Resale Certificate to 1-325-646-3790
  • Or, send us an email at sales@tasco-safety.com
  • Or call us at 1-800-646-5346 for more information.