About Tasco-Safety.Com

Welcome to the Texas America Safety Company web-site.

About Texas America Safety Company


   We are so glad you have found the T.A.S.C.O. (Texas America Safety Company) website. We would like to let you know exactly what we do as the premier suppliers of personal safety equipment, such as gloves, safety vests, goggles, and other protective clothing for those working in industrial settings.

   We started in Brownwood, Texas in 1992 with a mission to sell such equipment within the oil and gas industry. In 1996, our website tasco-safety.com was launched and we began to distribute our merchandise around the country and even around the globe.

   We endeavor to offer the highest quality of items to make the work of those who labor in industry as safe as it can be. In order to be accessible, we maintain a social media and a smartphone presence and we want you to let us know if this meets your requirements or needs any improvement at all.

Commitment to You

   We have most of the gear you would need already stocked in the warehouse so that we can ship what you need to you within one business day. If something that you receive does not meet your needs, we have a return and exchange policy that is easy to use and flexible.

   We carry the standard types of safety equipment for work but we also endeavor to create items that are unique and different and can help you express your personality while on the job.

   All in all, we exist to meet whatever safety needs on the job that you might have and we also try to make the things we offer you both stylish and highly functional.

   You will talk to an actual person when you call 1-800-646-5346 with any questions you may have. We want you to stay safe and we want to be flexible in meeting whatever needs you present to us. We are grateful for your interest and for any contact you choose to make with us.

Our Products

   Be prepared all the time. First aid kits and components of all types are available through us with anything you might need for injuries that arise.

   To ensure that injuries do not happen, we sell personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safety equipment that complies with ANSI Z359 standards. We sell everything you might need from helmets to lanyards and beyond to ensure your physical security while working.

   We know that wear and tear happen with such work and to minimize that we offer you support for various parts of the body such as the knee, the wrist, and the back.  Don't forget to protect your hands with work gloves.

   Naturally, you are going to want to look at hard hats and we have seven different categories of such. You can easily find what you want because you can search under the category of hat or you can search by color in order to locate exactly what you are looking for.

   Pandemics do threaten and you may be exposed to harmful toxins. That is why a protective N95 mask is crucial, as are disposable respirators in the event that some sort of breathing problems should arise with personnel.

   Earplugs and hearing bands are crucial in this type of work as long-term damage can be caused to hearing because of noise. We make certain to provide various types of such protection for your ears on the job and you can surely find what you need to avoid problems with hearing as life goes on.

   You may be required to wear a disposable coverall at the job site, and if that is so we have them in various styles. We also have reusable ones if that is a possibility for you. You can find exactly what is most comfortable and functional for the type of work you do on a daily basis.

   Of course, even with the right clothing, you may need more visibility to be safe while working. We provide possibilities like reflective stickers, mesh helmet guards, neck shields, sun shades, and any other accessories that make you easier to see and be seen while working in a potentially dangerous environment.

   We will help you determine the kind of safety glasses your position requires. As with the ears, protection of the eyes is important and we carry all you will need in this regard.

   Get in touch today to discuss your on-site safety requirements.