Allegro Standard Knee Pads

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Standard Knee Pads
Our Allegro® standard knee pads are very basic, but they provide plenty of protection. These knee pads feature a one-piece design and molded construction. If you need reliable knee protection and don't want to pay too much money for it, these pads are worth considering.

They're designed with Velcro® straps, which can be adjusted for comfort. The part of each pad that protects you is the surface grid, and it delivers excellent skid resistance. These pads work well in wet areas and offer superior protection against hard surfaces.

You can use them at home or in the garden, but they're just as useful for work applications. They're sold in individual pairs and give you great protection for a fair price. A number of applications require workers to kneel onto a hard surface, and when workers don't have adequate knee protection, they can end up with injured knees.

These pads are designed to keep workers comfortable and prevent knee injuries. The pad is colored dark blue and can protect against the toughest surfaces. If you plan on tackling applications that expose your knees to hard surfaces, you don't want to start without these pads.
Features Include:
  • Standard knee pads
  • Low cost
  • Velcro™ straps can be adjusted for better comfort
  • Surface grid is skid resistant
  • Great for hard surfaces and wet areas
  • Commonly used at home and in the garden
  • Usually ships in one day from California
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Standard Knee Pads
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