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Ergonomic Product Categories 

BACK SUPPORTS – Back supports are the safest way to prevent back injuries that occur when lifting heavy objects.  Disc conditions, sprains, strains and other lower back issues can be serious and a major cause of work-related injuries and disabilities.  Back support belts help improve posture, can help prevent irregular movements of the body and serve as a physical reminder to use proper lifting techniques.  Additionally, back support belts help to create a stable comfort area when used with lumbar supports.  Texas America Safety Company offers back supports in many styles and designs to accommodate various sizes for maximum comfort.   

ERGONOMIC WRIST PRODUCTS: With the increased use of computers, carpel tunnel syndrome and repetitive motion injuries have become a major concern. Wrist supports and proper education as to their use can help prevent or lessen these types of injuries. Wrist supports encourage neutral hand position and work to improve proper wrist and arm mechanics. Two categories of wrist supports are the semi-flexible support that allows some movement and the immobilizing type that keeps the wrist stabilized and offers no movement. Texas America Safety Company offers a wide range of wrist supports to accommodate each situation. 



ANTI-VIBRATION/IMPACT/LIFTING GLOVES: These types of gloves are designed for protection of the hands. The pre-curved design conforms to the natural contour of the hand. Anti-vibration impact gloves are padded, providing protection against damaging vibrations in the workplace. Lifting gloves improve grip to the hands, aiding in protection against minor cuts and scratches and helping to prevent items from dropping. A variety of this type of glove is available in full finger and fingerless with several different types of materials to meet each need and comfort level.

ELBOW SUPPORT: Have you ever had discomfort from tendonitis? An elbow support can help prevent and improve discomfort from this painful injury. The support compresses the muscles and cartilage, increasing warmth and circulation which reduces the pain. Elbow supports help relieve symptoms of some chronic conditions and when used with tennis elbow straps, can reduce strain and pressure. Elbow pads can help prevent bumps and bruises. Elbow supports are available from Texas America Safety Company in neoprene and in elbow pads with hard plastic caps.



KNEE AND ANKLE SUPPORTS: Knee and ankle supports are important for stabilization, compression and comfort in working environments. Made from neoprene material, they provide heat for increased circulation and warmth which increases circulation, thus, reducing edema (swelling) and making tissue more pliable. Softer tissue results in less chance of injury from quick movements. Knee and ankle supports are beneficial for the work environment and other vigorous activities.

KNEE PADS: Texas America Safety Company offers a wide variety of knee pads. The wide range of styles and applications are designed for maximum, support, durability, comfort and abrasion resistance. Knee pads are essential in the construction industry and in occupations where employees must work low to the ground. Available are non-marking hard-capped PVC pads, soft knee pads and a variety of other styles.

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