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About Safety Posters
As an employer it is your job to do everything in your power to keep your employees and their work environment as safe as possible. You have probably supplied all of your employees with the safety equipment they need to protect them while they are on the job, but there is more to maintaining a safe working environment than issuing hard hats and safety glasses. You need to find a way to remind everyone to think and work safely. One of the most common ways to do this is the use of safety posters throughout your facility. No one sets out to get hurt on the job, in many cases it is simple forgetfulness that leads to industrial accidents.

It only takes a second to walk out in front of a moving fork lift for an employee to be severely injured. By placing large easily noticed safety posters near doorways and in areas where forklift are in operation you could save an employee's life or from spending many months on your workman's compensation insurance recovering from his injuries. Safety posters can also be used as training aids to help those who may not be familiar with specific work/safety requirements in certain areas of your facility. Posters that depict proper lifting techniques are very popular as are those that explain what type of PPE or personal protective equipment is required in your facility along a wide range of general safety posters. The main idea is to continuously remind your employees of the things that they already know and reinforce the fact that their own safety and that of every other employee is in their own hands. When looking for safety posters to place in your facility, you need to look for posters that are bold, bright and eye catching. If you purchase posters that simply have printing stating something like "Wear Your Safety Equipment!" people will quickly ignore them. The posters you choose need to make the appropriate safety statement while doing so in such a way that your employees are more likely to take notice and head the warning message that they are trying to get across.

Once you purchase your safety posters you want them to last for as long as possible, for this you should be looking for posters that are laminated to protect them from getting wet, overly soiled or damaged by wear and tear. Any posters that you buy should come laminated in a clear plastic coating that is thick enough to provide plenty of protection and ensure that they will remain easy to see for your employees for many years. At TASCO you will find a wide selection of safety posters covering many different aspects of on the job safety for a variety of industrial applications. You will also find that they carry a selection of frames and poster hangers to make it easier to get your safety posters on display and get your employees thinking more about every aspect of their own the job safety.
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