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Back Support
The Allegro® FLEXBAC™ back supports feature a stylish black color, and they help to reduce strain on the back. Since they're made with a patented design, they offer several benefits that you can't get from other products. These back supports are extremely effective because they feature a three-part support.

In fact, the three-part support is what really sets these products apart from the rest. The FLEXBAC™ back supports are very supportive, but they're also very easy to move around in. The company that makes these products knows that everyone is different.

A back support is nearly useless if it prevents the wearer from moving around easily. The FLEXBAC™ back supports have a truss that delivers nine inches of coverage. They also have two internal support panels built into the design. One of the support panels is located above the waist, and the other panel is located under the waist.

There is also a third panel, and it's made out of elastic. The end result is superior bracing, and you don't have to worry about the support riding up or pinching. These products include suspenders and can be purchased in four different sizes.
Sizing Chart
Small 33" to 36"
Medium 37" to 40"
Large 41" to 44"
X large 45" to 48"
   Measured by Chest Size   
Features Include:
  • Patented design
  • Effective at reducing back strain
  • Features three-part support system for maximum effectiveness
  • Doesn't hinder mobility
  • Truss offers nine inches of coverage
  • Comes with suspenders
  • Choose from four different sizes
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Back Support
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