Coat Rack ~ Has 6 Hooks for lots of coats

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Coat Rack
Has 6 Hooks for lots of coats
We stock several different types of coat racks, but some of them don't provide enough storage for certain customers. The coat racks on this page are different because they have a total of six hooks, so you can use them to store six different coats.

Although they're frequently used for coats, you can also use these racks to keep backpacks off of the ground. They're large enough to hold large coats, and with a total width of 30", there is enough space to keep several coats off of the ground.

These racks come with mounting brackets, so the installation is easy and takes only minutes to complete. The mounting brackets are strong and provide plenty of support for the heaviest coats.

You can use these racks to hang your coats in garages, barns and workshops. A major reason why coats suffer premature wear is a lack of proper storage. Coats are made out of fabric, so if they're not stored properly, they can sustain damage and won't last as long as they should.
  • Delivers ample storage space for several coats
  • Brackets are strong enough to support up to six coats
  • Can be mounted in workshops, garages and barns
  • Make your coats last longer
3" High x 2.75" Wide x 1.5" Deep
SKU ~ RE5907
Coat Rack
Has 6 Hooks for lots of coats


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