Hard Hat, Coat, Purse and Fall Protection Rack

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Hard Hat, Coat, Purse
and Fall Protection Rack
The racks that we carry are some of our best-selling products. A quality rack can prevent your coat, purse or hard hat from getting damaged, so these items will last longer and perform better. For example, storing your hard hat in a safe location prevents it from becoming brittle and weak.

A strong hard hat is able to perform and protect your head much better than a weaker hard hat. The racks that are featured on this page can hold several types of safety equipment, but they're commonly used for hard hats and coats. Once installed, these racks will prevent clutter and protect your belongings from damage. With steel wire construction, each rack is strong enough to hold several items.

If you need racks that meet ANSI standards, these are top products. They can be used to store all types of hard hats and coats. They're great for cap style, full brim and cowboy hard hats. You can install these racks almost anywhere and enjoy the convenient storage that they provide.

The racks on this page are especially useful for storing bump hats, but you can use them for any type of hard hat. They even come with stickers, which makes identification much easier. If you're looking for an affordable, reliable way to store several coats, purses or hard hats, these fall protection racks could be exactly what you've been looking for.
  • Features heavy-duty steel construction
  • Included stickers make rack identification much easier
  • Great for storing all types of hard hats
  • Protected your belongings from unnecessary damage
2.5' High x 2.5' Wide x 2' Deep
SKU ~ RE5004
Hard Hat, Coat, Purse
and Fall Protection Rack


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