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Mount Anywhere™
Hard Hat Racks , Holders

Many workers make the mistake of treating their hard hats like they’ll last forever. Even with constant abuse, a typical hard hat should last several years. However, it’s always a good idea to make sure your hard hats last as long as possible. The best way to prolong the lifespan of a hard hat is to take good care of it. Proper storage plays a key role in taking good care of these products.

When hats are stored properly, they’re much less likely to get dropped or kicked. Proper storage also reduces the risk of accidentally tossing heavy objects onto the hats, which can weaken the shell and break the suspension loose. The Rack’ EM™ mount anywhere hard hat racks make it very easy to store hats in a safe location.

Since you can mount the racks anywhere, you can store your hard hats in a safe, convenient location. The racks can hold cowboy, wide brim and regular hard hats, and they’re even great for storing bump caps. With a design made of heavy-duty steel, they’re durable and strong. A finish made of epoxy coating guarantees a long lifespan for every rack.

Although they’re designed for holding hard hats, these racks can also be used for purses, coats and many types of fall protection equipment. You can quickly install these racks in factories, offices or vehicles. Each rack comes with secure-mount foam tape and has holes for screws. These products even comply with ANSI standards for storage and carrying of head protection.

  • Can be mounted anywhere
  • Epoxy coating for superior durability
  • Built-in holes for screws
  • Meets important ANSI standards for storage
  • Foam tape makes mounting easy
2.5" High x 2.5" Wide x 2" Deep
SKU ~ RE500   Mount Anywhere 
Hard Hat Rack


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