"Cubicle Hook" Hard Hat, Coat, Purse Racks

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"Cubicle Rack"
Hard Hat/Coat/Purse Rack
Holds 2 Hats or Coats
The cubicle hook is a simple but effective solution for safer storage. It lets you hang your purse, coat or hard hat inside of a cubicle and requires nothing more than a simple hook. Our cubicle hooks are especially useful for individuals who're always misplacing their belongings.

Since these products have two hooks, they let you hang two different items from a cubicle ledge. You can use these hooks to keep your hard hats in a convenient location. The cubicle hooks are commonly used in construction trailers, laboratories and office workstations.

They're designed to protect your belongings from damage because they keep the items up off of the ground. If your hard hat is on the ground, it's much more likely to get scuffed or kicked, which can significantly reduce the lifespan of the hat. Although they work very well for hard hats, these hooks are also great for a purse or coat.

Since they comply with ANSI Z89.1-1986 recommendations for head protection, they're effective at preventing hard hats from getting damaged. Careless storage is a very common cause of hard hat damage and reduced lifespan. The cubicle hooks on this page eliminate the issue of careless storage and can make your hats last longer.
  • Can hold up to 20 pounds
  • Must be attached with foam tape
  • Comes with hole for easy mounting
  • Features heavy-duty steel construction
  • Coated with epoxy for maximum durability
3" High x 2.75" Wide x 1.5" Deep
SKU ~ RE5007
"Cubicle Rack"
Hard Hat/Coat/Purse Rack
Holds 2 Hats or Coats


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