2-Hook Over-the-Door Rack

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2-Hook Over-the-Door Rack

The Rack’ EM™ over-the-door racks are very similar to some of the other racks that we carry, but the major difference is that they’re designed to be hung over a door. You can use these products to give hard hats, purses and coats a secure storage location. When items are stored on an over-the-door rack, you don’t have to worry about them sustaining accidental damage. All types of protective equipment can become damaged if there is a lack of safe storage.

These racks make it easy to keep these items off of the ground, which is where they’ll be safe. However, they also deliver an equal amount of convenience. If hard hats aren’t stored in a convenient location, it’s not uncommon for workers to pass them up.

Over-the-door racks let you store hard hats in visible, convenient locations, so workers will see and want to use them. These particular racks are made of black PVC-coated steel wire and designed to hold bump caps and hard hats from all manufacturers. The body of every rack is created from heavy-duty steel construction. With a durable epoxy coating, these products are designed for many years of use.

They also comply with the ANSI safety standards created for the proper storage of head protection. You can use these products to conveniently store your items in a wide range of environments. They’re great for a quality control department, cubical or construction trailer. If you want to prolong the lifespan of a purse, hard hat or coat, consider getting these products.

  • Hang protective gear over a door
  • Great for offices, construction trailers and cubical
  • Avoid accidental damage to protective gear
2.5" High x 2.5" Wide x 2" Deep
SKU ~ RE5008   "Over-the-Door"
Hard Hat, Coat, Purse Rack


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