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Universal Side Shields Clear Compliance Packs

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Safety Optical Service
Slip-on Sideshields
When safety glasses don’t provide enough peripheral protection, it’s time to consider getting some side shields. The standard clip-on side shields on this page can be used with most types of safety glasses, and they’re designed to cover gaps in coverage.

Safety glasses are made to provide frontal protection and don’t cover the sides of your face. If flying objects strike your face from the sides, there is a chance that you’ll sustain injury to your eyes.

The standard clip-on side shields are made of high-strength acetate and can be slid onto most types of eyewear. These products are OSHA Z87.1 approved as long as the wearers glasses are polycarbonate lenses, so they are suitable for applications that require this level of protection.

Since these side shields are totally clear, they’re easy to see through and provide great peripheral vision. They’re some of the simplest shields that we carry and can be used with several types of protective eyewear.

  • Made of high-strength acetate
  • Delivers additional layer of eye protection
  • Clear design improves visibility and increases peripheral vision
  • Suitable for applications that require OSHA Z87.1 protection
SKU ~ CP-5226
Universal Clear Side Shields
(10 Pairs B52's, 10 Pairs Of B26's)


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