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Universal Side Shields B53 Smoke For Larger Glasses

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The Universal side shields that we have on this page are designed for larger glasses, and with a smoke lens tint, they make it easier to see in bright settings. These shields have several great features to offer. They’re fortified with a UV shield and can block harmful UV rays.

Since they’re treated with a UVS additive, they provide a powerful ultraviolet barrier, and they can attenuate UV to 380 nanometers. With a patented design, these side shields offer universal conformity, so they’re compatible with many different types of frames. They feature a quick-change design and don’t require tools for removal.

It only takes seconds to install or remove the shields, so you won’t have to deal with long interruptions from work. The shields are created with impact-resistant polycarbonate, so they’re built to withstand the conditions present in tough workplaces. They’re been tested for ANSI Z87 specifications and passed.

They’re compatible with metal and plastic frames, and they even comply with OSHA, DOL Rule 29. These side shields are very affordable and sold in individual pairs. They have several impressive features and can be adjusted to fit virtually any frame. If your work requires front and side protection, these shields won’t let you down.
  • Smoke lens tint reduces brightness and increases visibility
  • Made for larger glasses
  • Can be adjusted for universal fit
  • UVS additive blocks UV rays
  • Tools aren’t needed for removal or installation
    Protect against harmful UV radiation. Our exclusive UVS additive provides an ultraviolet barrier which effectively attenuates UV up to 380 nanometers.
    Patented design adapts to the shape of a wide range of frames.
    This unique sideshield can be installed or removed quickly without tools.
    Molded from impact resistant polycarbonate. Impact tested to ANSI Z87 specifications on both metal and plastic frames. Complies with DOL, OSHA Rule 29 CFR Part 1910.133 Effective July 5, 1994.

B53 Side Shield Installation

The new B-52+® PLUS adds the exclusive SAFETYWING™ to its impressive list of patented protected features. It is easily adjustable for universal attachment to the broad spectrum of safety frames found in the real world workplace, large-medium and small.

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Universal Side Shields
Smoke Tint Lens
For Larger Glasses (1 Pair)


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