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Universal Smoke Sideshields Compliance Packs

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SM-5327 Sun-Mate™
Compliance Safepack™ Plus™
Our side shields give you the protection that your standard safety glassed lack. Your glasses will protect the front portion of eyes, but the universal smoke side shields on this page will protect the sides. The problem with many pairs of safety glasses is that they leave the sides of your face vulnerable to the elements.

The side shields on this page are designed to close the gap. They’re sold in packs of 20, so you get 10 pairs of B27 and B53 shields. It’s best to think of this product as the tinted version of the CP5226 Safepack that we carry.

The major difference is that the shields are tinted, so they’re much more effective at reducing brightness and making it easier to see in sunny environments. The pack contains 10 B-53+ and B-27+ Sun-Mate side shields. By delivering two types of shields in a single package, we’re able to eliminate a number of compatibility issues that are common with similar products.

This single pack of side shields conquers the challenges posed by ANSI, OSHA and different eyewear frame shapes. It’s important to understand that the tint used on these universal side shields is designed exclusively for glare protection, so it’s not meant to be used for IR protection.

  • Contains 10 pairs of B27 and B53 smoke side shields
  • Designed for universal fit
  • Made exclusively for glare reduction
  • Tint not intended for infrared radiation
SKU ~ 5327
Universal Smoke Sideshields
(10 Pairs B53 And 10 Pairs B27)


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