Occunomix PVA Hard Hat Shade

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Occunomix PVA
Hard Hat Shade

Our Occunomix sweatbands are great for perspiration absorption, but if you need full protection for your neck, consider our Occunomix PVA hard hat shades. Working in direct sunlight can have disastrous effects on your skin and productivity.

Ultraviolet rays can damage your skin and give you severe sunburn. It doesn’t take long before the direct sunlight causes your body to begin overheating, and you start to see a dramatic decline in your motor skills and thinking. To combat heat-related health problems, you need the right protection. The Occunomix PVA cooling hard hat shades are designed to attach to your hard hat’s suspension.

These hard hat shades hang down over the back of your neck, and by keeping your neck cool, they help to keep your whole body cool. They’re even effective at cooling off the top of your head. The Miracool PVA material absorbs cold water and uses it to provide the cooling relief that you need throughout the day. The best part is that you can wash and reuse the material.

You get a plastic zipper bag with every shade, which is easy to fill with water and recharge your hard hat shade. When outdoor temperature begin to soar, and you need cooling relief, the Occunomix PVA hard hat shades will keep you cool all day long.

Features Include:
  • Delivers cooling relief that lasts throughout the day
  • Has a rating of UPF 50+
  • Can be attached to all hard hats
  • Machine washable
  • Comes with plastic zipper bag for quick and easy recharging
  • Made to fit most adult head sizes
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Keeps you comfortable, cool and safe
  • Doesn’t hinder the evaporation of sweat
  • Block the damaging effects of UV rays and avoid sunburn
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Hard Hat Shade


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