Occunomix PVA Cooling Neck Shade

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Occunomix PVA Cooling Neck Shade

Our Occunomix PVA cooling neck shades are popular products. If you work in hot environments and need protection from the sun’s powerful rays, these neck shades can give you the protection that you deserve. Excessive heat can cause a number of annoying problems. Depending on the level of heat exhaustion that you’re suffering from, it can even be deadly.

The excessive heat that is present in many worksites can cause a dramatic reduction in productivity. When your body gets saturated with heat and cannot cool off effectively, it becomes harder to think, and your motor skills begin to decline. The Occunomix PVA cooling neck shades help you fight back against heat-related conditions.

The exclusive PVA material that these products are made from absorbs water but doesn’t get weighed down like alternative cooling products. Once you’ve activated an Occunomix PVA cooling neck shield, you can attach it to your hard hat and enjoy all-day cooling benefits.

However, the shade also doubles as a powerful shield against UV rays. The shade is designed to protect the back of your neck while keeping you cool in the process. You can wear these PVA cooling neck shades with cap style hard hats, full brim hard hats and baseball caps. Since they’re machine washable, you don’t have to worry about using a special cleaning process.

Features Include:
  • Get relief from the heat through the entire day
  • Rated at UPF 50+
  • Comes with a convenient zipper pouch that you can pour water in
  • Washable and reusable
  • Can be attached to all ball caps and hard hats
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Cooling Neck Shade


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