Occunomix Hard Hat Shades ~ YELLOW

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Hard Hat Shades ~ Yellow 

Working under the hot sun can be difficult. The direct sunlight can make matters worse because it can directly heat your body and cause severe sunburn. The use of a sun shade is one of the best forms of protection against these problems. If you don’t know what to purchase, you should consider the Occunomix Yellow hard hat shades.

These products deliver superior protection against ultraviolet radiation. When direct sunlight impacts your skin, your body is exposed to UV rays. It’s the radiation that causes changes in your skin’s pigment and gives you painful sunburn. You can even get sunburned when there are lots of clouds in the sky.

These Occunomix hard hat shades deliver great protection from harmful sun rays. Each shade has a special pouch that is used to install the shade over the hard hat. Since the shades don’t require you to make dramatic changes to your hardware, you can spend your time focusing on your work.

Comfort is important while working in any type of weather, but it’s especially important while working in direct sunlight. The Occunomix shades are easy to install and comfortable. They can fit most  hard hats and even encourage sweat evaporation.

  • Comfortable enough to wear for long hours at work
  • Requires minimal effort to install over your hard hat
  • Can fit most full brim and cap style hard hat styles
  • Encourages perspiration to evaporate
  • Helps with the evaporation of perspiration
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to install

The hard hat front brim slides into the front pouch of the sunshade and slides over the back of the hat. The hard hat shell does not have to be tucked into the back pouch of the sunshade to fit correctly.

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Hard Hat Shades


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