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Hard Hat Shades
In the construction industry, workers are frequently exposed to direct sunlight. When subjected to this level of exposure for long periods of time, a number of problems can occur. It’s not uncommon for workers to suffer severe sunburns, and there is also the problem of radiant heat.

When exposed to direct sunlight, the human body begins to heat up rapidly, and without proper protection, a rapid increase in body temperature could lead to several dangerous heat-related conditions. Hydration is always important and helps to fight off overheating, but in many environments, you need plenty of water and must also seek a more direct form of protection.

Our Occunomix hard hat shades can provide you with an additional layer of protection against extreme temperatures. By reflecting direct sunlight, these shades can keep you cool and help you avoid sunburns. They’re available in yellow, white, orange and blue colors.

Most workers are surprised to learn how quickly they can suffer sunburn. Some of the worst burns can quickly become painful and make work uncomfortable. If you’re not comfortable at work, your productivity will decrease, and nobody wants to employ unproductive workers.

The Occunomix sun shades are designed to be worn with your hard hat, so you get the basic protection from the hard hat, and the Occunomix shade helps to protect the back of your neck from direct sunlight. This particular model uses a pouch to fit your hard hat.

It’s an accessory that is very easy to install and delivers excellent protection against direct sunlight. The Occunomix hard hat shades are designed to be comfortable, easy to install and protective. To make sure customers get what they need, we offer these shades in four popular colors.
  • Helps with the evaporation of perspiration
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to install
  • Will fit most styles of hard hats
  • Available in four colors: blue, orange, white and yellow

The hard hat front brim slides into the front pouch of the sunshade and slides over the back of the hat. The hard hat shell does not have to be tucked into the back pouch of the sunshade to fit correctly.

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