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STOW-AWAY Hard Hat Shades

A wide range of occupations might require you to workout outdoors and endure burning heat from the sun. While direct heat can cause a number of problems, the sun also produces ultraviolet rays. When UV rays make contact with your skin, they cause changes to take place within your skin. For many workers who spend several hours exposed to UV rays, the end result is severe sunburn.

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause a number of other problems. Without proper protection, a number of workers suffer heat exhaustion. When you’re working hard and producing metabolic heat, the radiant heat from the sun serves to exacerbate the problem and bring you much closer to heat exhaustion. If left exposed, your neck, ears and face can suffer severe sunburn.

Another potential problem is the glare from the sunlight. If you’re working in a dangerous work environment, you must be able to see at all times. Glare from the sun can reduce visibility and put your life in danger. However, it can also endanger the lives of your fellow coworkers. Occunomix stow away hard hat shades help to prevent all of these problems.

Choose from yellow, white, navy blue, khaki and HI VIZ colors. By wearing one of these shades, your neck, ears and face can get protection from the sun. The shades protect these areas of your body from ultraviolet rays, so you don’t have to worry about getting severe sunburn.

With powerful reflective properties, an Occunomix stow away shade will reflect direct sunlight and help to keep you cooler while working. Since you won’t have to spend as much time worrying about how hot you are, you’ll be able to focus more on you work.

These shades are designed to fit full brim hard hats, but will fit some larger style cap style hats. When not in use, the shades fold away into convenient pouches. Each shade is made of 100 percent cotton and even helps to protect against perspiration problems. times.

  • Fits Full Brim hard hats
  • Large shade in the back of the neck for extra protection and added perspiration evaporation
  • Made of 100% cotton.
  • Will not fit the MSA V-gard cap style hard hats in the medium shell (the shells are too small)
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Hard Hat Shades


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