Occunomix Proban Cotton Flame Retardant Winter Liner ~ Neck Length

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Proban Cotton
Flame Retardant
Neck Length Winter Liner

flame-resistant-2.jpg If you’re planning to work in winter weather, you’ll want to hold off until you get an Occunomix Proban cotton flame-retardant winter liner. This is a neck length liner, and it’s designed to keep cold air out while locking in the metabolic heat from your body. If you want to stay safe and keep warm, this Occunomix Proban winter liner can help. These liners come with flame retardant built into them.

They can be washed anywhere from 25 to 50 times before the flame retardant is washed away. You can use these liners to get essential warmth while working cold conditions. Since it covers most of your face, this Occunomix liner will protect your skin from freezing air.

It’s also a great product for people who have sensitive ears because it has two pockets built into it. Each liner is made with an elastic strip built into the forehead. The purpose of the strip is to give the liner a snug fit. If the liner doesn’t fit properly, then it won’t keep you as warm as possible.

The elastic forehead strip is also effective at keeping the cold air out of the liner, so it doesn’t touch your skin. To enhance visibility and keep workers safe, each liner also has a reflective strip added to the back of the neck. The reflective strip is especially useful for low-light conditions. The Proban chin strap is a useful feature, and these Occunomix liners are also made of Nomex thread.
  • Longer neck length
  • Elastic strip for better fit
  • Reflective strip in back for better visibility
  • Made with two layers of 100 percent cotton PROBAN FR-7A
  • 100% Cotton Proban FR-7A. Two Layers, Long Neck Length.
  • Flame retardant for 25-50 washings, Proban Chin Strap.
  • All materials are flame resistant or flame retardant.  
  • Warming Pack Compatible

SKU ~ LP690   Proban Cotton
Flame Retardant
Neck Length Winter Liner


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