Occunomix Proban Cotton Flame Retardant Winter Liner ~ Shoulder Length

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Proban Cotton Flame Retardant
Winter Liner
Shoulder Length

flame-resistant-2.jpg The Occunomix Proban cotton flame-retardant shoulder length winter liner is perfect for a cold winter. It has all of the features that you should expect from this type of product. For maximum comfort, it’s made of 100 percent cotton Proban FR-7A. Since it’s flame retardant, you can use it for work applications that expose you to open flames.

It features a shoulder-length design and covers most of your face. A total of two layers of flame-retardant material make it an excellent choice for applications that involve flames. The flame retardant that has been applied to this winter liner can withstand up to 50 washings.

The Proban chin strap is very comfortable and helps you to get a better fit. You can even use these liners with warming packs because they’re compatible with warming products. All of the materials used to manufacture these Occunomix liners are flame retardant, so they can withstand the flames that many workers are exposed to. These liners don’t include any features that you won’t like.

Although they’re very effective at keeping you warm, they also look good while doing it. You’ll find that they’re easy to put on and comfortable. With a weight of only two pounds, they won’t make you feel like you’re lugging around heavy gear.
  • Compatible with most warming packs
  • Made of flame-retardant materials
  • Flame retardant is good for up to 50 washes
  • Features 100 percent cotton Proban FR-7A

SKU ~ SP590   Proban
Cotton Flame Retardant
Winter Liner
Shoulder Length


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