Occunomix Hard Hat Winter Liner with Zipper Collar

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Winter Liner with Zipper Collar

100% Cotton Top with Polyester Fleece Lining 100% Polyester Bottom

Once winter has arrived, temperatures begin to dip, and you might find it much more difficult to work efficiently. The cold weather can cause a number of problems for workers, and it’s especially brutal on workers who aren’t properly protected. If you need protection that you can count on, consider the Occunomix hard hat winter liner with zipper collar.

With a navy top and black bottom, this liner is stylish and protective. It has a button closure, so you can easily seal your head off from the cold. Since the zipper and button are made from plastic, this could be a great winter liner for electrical workers.

If your work requires impact protection, you can wear a hard hat over this liner. Like many of the other products that we carry, the Occunomix hard hat winter liner is compatible with warming packs, so you can add warming packs for even more protection from the cold. The body loses most of its heat from the head, so by sealing your head, you’re retaining most of your body heat.

Cold temperatures make it difficult to move your hands and can cause a dramatic loss in fine motor skills. By wearing this type of winter liner, you can protect yourself against the cold and retain the fine motor skills that you need to get the job done. A 100 percent cotton top and polyester fleece lining make this a top product.

  • Top made of 100 percent cotton for softness and warmth
  • Lining made of polyester fleece
  • Zipper and buttons made of plastic for safety
  • Stylish navy color
  • Color: Navy top, Black Bottom
  • Button Closure
  • Buttons and zipper are all plastic-no metal parts

SKU ~ LZ620   Occunomix
Hard Hat Winter Liner
With Zipper Collar


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