Occunomix Knitted Tube Standard Liner for Hard Hats

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Standard Half Face
Knitted Tube Liner

100% Polyester
Covers ears and top of head. Fits snugly over hard hat and blocks wind tunneling in the crown.
Traps warm air to keep head, face, nose and ears warm. Can be folded up outside of hard hat during breaks.
Does not have ear barriers, reflective strip, gap eliminator, or warming pack pockets.

flame-resistant-2.jpgWinter weather is one of the largest causes of lost worker productivity. When workers become too cold, they cannot function optimally, which means they cannot do their job efficiently. The loss in productivity causes massive losses for business owners, but fortunately, there are several great solutions to the problem.

The best way to fight back against cold weather is to make sure it never has a chance to affect workers. The Occunomix knitted tube full face liners for hard hats on this page are the solution.  The standard design is also great for locking warm air in. The end result is a worker who is much more comfortable and productive.

For optimal results, the Occunomix knitted tube liners should be combined with other products designed for cold weather. For the highest level of comfort, these liners are made from 100 percent polyester. They cover the entire face and prevent cold air from touching the skin.

Each liner fits snugly over a hard hat and stops cold air from traveling through the crown. The trapped body heat helps to keep the ears, nose, head and face warm. During breaks, this liner can be folded up and outside of the hard hat. Unfortunately, these liners don’t come with warming packs, gap eliminators, reflective strips or ear barriers, but the good news is that they’re flame resistant.
  • Flame resistant
  • Covers Ears and top of head for superior protection
  • Keeps body heat trapped
  • Prevents cold air from tunneling within the crown

SKU ~ RK800   Half Face
Knitted Tube Liner


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