Winter Liner (neck length) with Sherpa Lining

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Hard Hat Zero Hoods
Item LS610
Shoulder Length Sherpa
Heavy Duty Warmth

If you want to stay warm while working outside in the cold, you need the right gear. A large portion of your body heat escapes through the head, so if your head isn’t protected, you’ll lose heat that has the potential to keep you warm and toasty. The Occunomix neck length winter liners with Sherpa lining on this page will protect your head and trap body heat.

They’re also great at protecting your head from strong winds. Since these liners are made with 100 percent cotton twill, they’ll keep you warm and comfortable. The DuPont Sherpa lining is soft, comfortable and protective. It will protect your ears from a mixture of strong winds and cold air. These liners are designed for neck length, so they cover the vital parts of your head and neck.

You can even use your favorite warming packs with them because they’re compatible with most warming products. They have two protective layers of material, and flame retardant works until it has been washed away. A lot of people don’t understand the effects that cold weather has on the body.

Freezing temperatures can render your fine motor skills almost completely useless. Cold winter weather cause slow you down and dramatically reduce productivity, which results in lost profits. The Occunomix winter liners with Sherpa lining are some of the best weapons to fight against the winter cold.

  • Made with 100 percent Twill cotton
  • DuPont Sherpa lining for optimal comfort and protection
  • Two layers of protective material
  • Can be used with your favorite warming packs


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