Miracool Hard Hat Pad

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Miracool Hard Hat Pad

A standard hard hat is designed to protect your head from falling objects, and in most cases, it performs the way that you would expect. The problem is that hard hats aren’t designed to keep you cool. It can be extremely difficult to stay focus on your work while suffering from heat exhaustion. While the sun provides some awesome nature photos, it can cause many problems for workers.

Our Occunomix Miracool hard hat pads are designed to compensate for your hard hat’s inability to keep you cool. The hat is very effective at protecting your head from impact, but it’s quite ineffective at cooling the top of your head. The Miracool hard hat pads measure just over six inches around.

They’re designed to sit in the top part of your hard hat’s suspension and attach to the suspension using hooks and loops. To activate the pads and benefit from all-day comfort, all that you have to do is soak the pads in cold water.

The cooling pad is reversible, so when one side stops doing its job, you can switch to the cooler side. You can wash these pads, and they’re designed to be washed and reused hundreds of time. Feel free to use our Miracool hard hat pads in biking helmets, ball caps and hard hats. You can use them for virtually any outdoor activity that involves high heat.

    • Hook and loop makes pad easy to attach
    • The movement of air around the hat’s suspension increases the pad’s cooling effects
    • Comfortable enough to be worn for the whole day
    • Powerful cooling crystals activate and keep you cool for days
    • Works well for bike helmets and hard hats
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Miracool Hard Hat Pad


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