Miracool Hard Hat Pad With Shade

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Miracool Hard Hat Pad
With Shade

Working in hot environments can be tough, and you can ask any construction workers about this fact, and they’ll tell you it’s true. However, there are many products that have been designed to keep you cool while working in hot environments. Our Miracool hard hat pads with shades are great examples.

These pads are different versions of the Occunomix deluxe hard hat pad, so they offer all of the same features that you would expect. The difference between the products is that these pads come with a neck shade in the back. Before making a purchase, you should know that these pads only have cooling crystals in the top portion of the pad.

The neck shade has been added to give you better protection against ultraviolet rays. When you’re working under the hot sun, UV rays can give unprotected workers major sunburn. Since the neck shade blocks UV rays, it prevents you from getting burned.

For an easy attachment process, our Occunomix Miracool hard hat pads use a hook and loop. The pad must be attached to your hard hat’s suspension. You can re-energize the cooling pad hundreds of times and wash it the same way as similar fabrics. The added neck shade protects against UV rays, but it also helps to facilitate the evaporation of perspiration.

    • Fastens to your hard hat using a hook and loop
    • Comes with useful neck shade for UV protection and better sweat evaporation
SKU ~ Occ968   Occunomix
Miracool Hard Hat Pad
With Shade


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