Miracool 3-in-1 Cooling Pad

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Hard Hat Cooling Neck Shade

If you don’t have adequate protection, it doesn’t take long for heat to drain your motivation and productivity. Even with plenty of water, it can be extremely difficult to work in hot weather conditions. A number of workers are subjected to high heat, and despite the difficult work conditions, they’re required to get the job done.

Our Occunomix Miracool 3-in-1 cooling pads are the solution to the problem of hot work environments. Since these cooling pads can be worn in three different ways, they’re called 3-in-1 products. The way that you choose to wear these pads depends on your preferred comfort level. For example, you can wear these cooling pads inside your hard hat, biking helmet or regular helmet.

Since the cooling pad has a length and width of almost 10 inches, it delivers the cooling power that you need to stay productive. The straps have magnetic tips inside of them, so you can quickly fold them over and attach them to your hard hat.

Powerful magnetism is the force that keeps the Miracool 3-in-1 cooling pads secured. To activate the pad’s cooling mechanism, you must soak it in cold water. After the pad has been soaked, you can begin wearing it, and you’ll benefit from up to two full days of cooling power. For additional versatility, the pad is reversible. Once one side stops providing the cooling relief that you need while on the job, you can flip the pad over and expose the cooler side.

    • Made of 100 percent cotton for superior comfort
    • Can be worn three different ways for greater versatility
    • Uses very functional patent-pending design
    • Keeps you cool in the hottest work environments
SKU ~ 972-KHK   Occunomix
Miracool 3 in 1 Cooling Pad


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