Occunomix MiraCool Premium Cellulose Head Cooling Sweatband with Elastic Bands

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Cellulose Sweatband
If you’re looking for an effective way to stay cool and keep sweat out of your eyes, the Occunomix Miracool™ premium cellulose head cooling sweatbands are great products to consider. Since they have elastic bands, they’re easy to install and offer a great fit. When you’re working in a hot environment, it’s important to stay cool.

These sweatbands are from Miracool™, so you can trust in the brand and know that they’ll keep you cool and safe. When working in hot outdoor environments, it’s almost impossible to not sweat, and to keep sweat out of your eyes, you need some form of protection. The Occunomix cellulose sweatbands are great for work or play.

They can be worn alone, or you can wear them with hard hats, sandblast hoods and welding hoods. Since they prevent sweat from dripping into your eyes, make it safer to perform work and recreational activities. The Miracool™ cellulose sweatbands don’t produce nasty chemicals, and they stay soft for the entire time that you wear them.

The elastic bands make installation exceptionally easy, and with every purchase, you get a total of 25 products. You can make one order and have enough sweatbands for the entire team. These sweatbands will help you to stay cool, and they work exceptionally well in outdoor environments. They can be worn by athletes, cyclists, chefs and workers.
Features Include:
  • No nasty chemicals to worry about
  • Can be installed within seconds
  • Stay cool in the hottest environments
  • 25 units comes in each bag
  • Stays soft at all times
SKU ~ 22001 Occunomix
Cellulose Sweatband
(25 Count)


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