Miracool Bandannas

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Miracool Cooling Bandannas
Many work environments involve radiant heat and bright sunlight. Heat can be an especially dangerous problem for construction workers because they’re frequently working around heavy machinery, which also generate large amounts of heat. When you combine metabolic heat with heat from the sun and heavy machinery, you get work conditions that encourage a number of heat-related problems.

Miracool cooling bandanas are the solutions to these problems. Since they help to keep workers cool, these bandanas are very useful for several different occupations. Due to their cooling properties, they’re commonly worn in warm environments. Miracool cooling bandanas are manufactured from 100 percent cotton, which has its own unique cooling properties.

The fabric used to make Miracool bandanas have special cooling crystals inside of them. Once the crystals are allowed to absorb water, they use the water to provide all-day cooling effects. A typical Miracool bandana is worn around the head because it’s one of the best parts of the body to keep cool.

The special fabric that is used to make Miracool cooling bandanas is designed to be comfortable and easy to wear. Although these bandanas are very useful for construction workers, they’re also great products for welders, painters and chefs.

They’re great products for anyone who performs manual labor and needs powerful cooling technology. Since each Miracool cooling crystal can hold 1,000 times its own weight in water, it’s able to deliver consistent cooling throughout the day. Another great reason to consider getting these bandanas is the easy preparation. Each bandana is reusable and has flame-retardant technology built into it.

When your body isn’t suffering from heat exhaustion, you can focus on your work and benefit from optimal productivity. Since the cooling crystals are nontoxic, you can stay cool and never have to worry about toxic chemicals entering your bloodstream. Choose from 11 different colors and find the bandana that is right for you.
  • Soak in cold water for thirty minutes to prepare the bandana
  • Will stay cool and damp for days
  • Can be reused over and over again
  • Doesn't require a freezer or any ice
  • Keeps you awake and alert on the job
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Miracool Bandannas


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    Wonder for those HOT Texas Summers

    Posted by Steve Hayes on Jul 27th 2020

    Just soak them in cold water and they will stay cool for hours. Perfect for those hot Texas Summer Days