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Fire Retardant Blanket

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Fire Retardant Blanket
Our fire retardant blankets are useful products to own. These blankets can be folded and stored inside of a convenient carrying bag. Since they've been treated with DuPont X-12®, they deliver protection that you can count on. These blankets comply with the Federal Flammable Fabrics Act, CS 191-53.

You can wash them inside of a standard washing machine, and each blanket comes with four brass grommet mounting holes. Depending on the situation, these fire blankets can be more effective than a fire extinguisher. When placed over a fire, these blankets are capable of smothering a small fire.

By depriving the fire of oxygen, the blankets are able to stop the fire from burning. Although they're very useful for smothering fires, these blankets can also be used for body protection. The blankets are designed to cover your skin, so they're able to insulate your skin from the fire.

It's important to remember that these blankets will only protect your body temporarily. These are the two major uses for fire retardant blankets, but there are several other ways to use them. It's never a bad idea to keep a few of these products in the workplace. You never know when you might need one.
  • Fire resistance provided by DuPont X-12 treatment
  • Complies with the Federal Flammable Fabrics Act
  • Can be washed in a standard washing machine
  • Has four mounting brass grommet holes
  • Usually ships in 1-3 days from Washington (State)
Fire Retardant Blanket


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