Miracool Flame Retardant (FR) Grey Color Bandanas

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Miracool Cooling Bandannas

Miracool Bandannas are excellent cooling bandanas for people who work in warm environments. The bandanas are made of 100% cotton. Each one also contains a set of Miracool Crystals within the fabric. These crystals can absorb cool water, and as the workday wears on, they transfer a cooling sensation to the wearer's head. This goes a long way towards making work easier and more comfortable. Chefs, paints, welders, or anyone else who does manual labor and wants to feel cooler during the day would benefit from a bandana like this. The crystals hold up to a thousand times their own weight in cool water. The preparation is fast and easy, and the bandanas are completely reusable.

The bandanas also come in a flame-retardant variety for extra protection. A cooling bandana enables you to be more productive and focused than ever before. The cooling crystal technology is nontoxic and easy to use. It comes in twelve different colors, and bulk discounts are available. It can be worn around the head or anywhere else on the body for cooling comfort.. Give them a try today.

  • Soak in cold water for thirty minutes to prepare the bandana
  • Will stay cool and damp for days
  • Can be reused over and over again
  • Doesn't require a freezer or any ice
  • Keeps you awake and alert on the job
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Flame Retardant (FR)
Grey Color Bandanas


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