Deluxe Flame Retardant FR Grey Hard Hat Pad

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   Miracool® FR Hard Hat Pad with Shade HRC 1
If your work exposes you to high-temperature hazards, then you need to consider getting a deluxe flame retardant FR grey hard hat pad. At only 0.15 pounds, these pads are very light, but they’re heavy enough to give you the protection that you need. These are the flame-resistant versions of the deluxe Occunomix hard hat pads.

After attaching the 6.5-inch pad to your hard hat’s webbing, you can benefit from its incredible cooling capabilities. To activate the pad, all that you have to do is soak it in cool water. Once it has been adequately hydrated, the pad can deliver protection from high temperatures for two full days. The top of your head is a sensitive area, and it’s especially vulnerable to heat.

A standard hard hat will protect the top of your head, but you’ll also need adequate protection for your neck. The Occunomix flame-retardant grey hard hat pads protection your neck. These pads are especially useful for protection against ultraviolet rays, which are abundant in sunny work environments.

These pads can hold their FR rating for about 50 washings, and you can re-energize the cooling pad hundreds of times. The deluxe neck shade also helps to facilitate evaporation and meets ASTM F1506 standards. A hook and loop are used to fasten the shade to the hard hat. Our Occunomix FR grey hard hat pads are ideal for hot environments and can protect an area that your hard hat isn’t made to protect.
    • Useful neck shade helps to facilitate evaporation and keep you cool
    • Attached hard hat pad is included with purchase
    • Features an arc rating of ATPV = 7.2 cal/cm2
    • Meets important ASTM F1506 standards
    • Made with flame-resistant cotton
    • Can retain FR rating for 50 washes
    • Has OCC skull logo for style


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