3 1/2 inch Shackle Heavy Duty Hasp for Lockout - Tagout

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3 1/2 Inch Shackle
Heavy Duty Hasp
For Lockout - Tagout
Our hasps are suitable for many industrial environments. They're commonly used in construction sites but can be used anywhere where heavy machinery is present. The products on this page are heavy-duty shackle hasps, and they're great for lockout and tag out purposes.

For extra security, these are 3.5-inch hasps. Like all of our other hasps, these products are great for locking up machinery. If you need to keep machinery locked up until repairs or inspections are finished, these products can help.

Once the hasp has been attached to the machinery, workers must place their own padlock onto the hasp. Since our shackle hasps cannot be removed until all workers have removed their locks, the hasps prevent machinery from being used until the time is right. These hasps are made of heavy-duty steel, so they're able to resist tampering.

They've also been plated with zinc, which protects against corrosion. The shackle hasps can hold several padlocks, so you can rest assured that machinery will stay securely locked. Each hasp can hold a total of four padlocks. These products are great for keeping machinery locked up, and they help to increase workplace safety.
  • Plated with zinc for excellent corrosion resistance
  • Keeps heavy machinery locked up
  • Prevents accidents
  • Can hold up t
  • four padlocks
  • Made of heavy-duty steel
SKU ~ RE5510
3 1/2 Inch Shackle
Heavy Duty Hasp
For Lockout - Tagout


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