1.5 inch opening Hasp for Lockout - Tagout. Die-Cast with red coating

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1.5 Inch Opening Hasp for Lockout - Tagout
Die Cast Steel
Steel with Red Rubberized Coating
The hasps that we carry are popular products because they're used to prevent accidents. Many of our hasps have a 1.5 inch opening, and the products on this page are great examples. They feature Die Cast Steel and have been coated with red vinyl.

The rubberized coating protects the hasps from harsh weather conditions, which is perfect for construction sites. One of the best ways to prevent workplace accidents is to keep machinery locked up until it is cleared for use.

It's not uncommon for workers to start using machinery before inspections and repairs have been completed, which can result in serious accidents. Our hasps can prevent accidents because they make it nearly impossible to use machinery until all workers have removed their lockouts. The hasps are designed to hold a lock from each worker and prevent workers from using machinery until every worker has removed his or her lock.

For maximum durability and staying power, these hasps are made from heavy-duty steel, and they're even zinc placed for exceptional weather resistance. They can be used inside or outside and have been coated with red vinyl. Since they can hold six padlocks, they provide excellent protection against machinery tampering.
  • Die Cast Steel
  • Coated with red vinyl for excellent insulation
  • Can hold six padlocks
  • Forged from heavy-duty steel
  • Great for any workplace
  • Protects machinery from unauthorized use
SKU ~ RE5506
1.5 Inch Opening Hasp for Lockout - Tagout
Die Cast Steel
Steel with Red Rubberized Coating


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