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New Autism Puzzle Design Hydro Hard Hats


April is Autism Awareness Month.  These are almost a bit late but we just added an Autism inspired puzzle hydro dipped hard hat to our product line.

Autism Puzzle Hydro Dipped Hard Hat

Final 4 Team Hard Hats

The 2017 Final 4 Teams are all set.  Who is your favorite?https://www.tasco-safety.com/categories/hard-hats/...

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Custom Dipped Hydro Hard Hats

We have just found a supplier who can produce the hydro dipping material in small amounts to make a custom hydro dipped hard hat.  Check out this hat we just made.... Customer provided us with a simple Jpeg and the printer was able to make up this the pattern.  Took just about a week to settle [...]

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Safety Fail of the Day - How not to drill a hole

Thought this was funny.  Today's safety fail of the day.  Be smart and plan ahead with www.tasco-safety.com

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Cool Post -Zombie Wall

Check out one of our customers "Zombie wall of death"  Notice one of our Zombie hard hats in the middle.  .http://www.tasco-safety.com/products/real-zombie-h...

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Funny Post - Man in wrong place at wrong time

Dude, what are you doing in there?!!I am not sure if I would be so happy if this was me and if they were going down the stairs, I would be running up the stairs.Stay safe with www.tasco-safety.composted by Gary+Brady

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Funny Post - Worker Staying Cool in Shade

Probably not the best way to keep cool on the job.  Might feel better with some inexpensive heat relief safety products like sunshades, cooling bandannas, etc.

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Funny Post - Too much free time for construction crew

I think this construction crew has a little too much time on their hands.  What's life without a little fun right?www.tasco-safety.com

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New Pyramex Cooling Towels. Stay Cool on a hot day.

It's starting to get hot. Be prepared with one of our PVA cooling towel.  Once activated this towel offers cooling all day long.  Fantastic feeling on a really hot day.http://www.tasco-safety.com/products/pyramex-heat-relief-cooling-towel.html

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