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Safety Tip of the Day!


Safety Tip of the Day! Use taller ladders than necessary.
In order to avoid construction workers from having to stretch beyond what they should, it’s always necessary to be in possession of ladders 3-4 feet taller than the necessary length. It may seem like a simple thing, but it could mean the difference between safe climbing and an avoidable fall. 


Cool off with our Miracool Cooling Bandanas

While wearing a Miracool cooling bandana, you’ll experience a cooling sensation on your head, and it will last throughout the day. Although the benefits of cooling products are frequently underestimated by workers, they’re quite effective at making work easier. Since the cooling crystals can hold 1,000 times their own weight in water, they’re able to [...]

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Pyramex Hard Hats Offer Excellent Protection

Why Pyramex? Pyramex manufactures and supplies a variety of hard hats for professional and personal use. All hard hats supplied by Pyramex are designed to meet ANSI regulations as well as Canadian CSA standards. The hard hats supplied are made affordable for every worker in the field. These products are well designed for comfort and they [...]

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MSA Hard Hats for Safety, Style, Comfort, and Convenience

At Texas America Safety Company, a hard hat isn’t just a hard hat. Hard hats are companions and an expression of one’s identity as well as a barrier against head injuries. To fit most every need, the Texas America Safety Company offers a wide variety of MSA hard hat models, styles, colors, motifs, logos, patterns, [...]

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ERB Hard Hats and Safety Gear

One of the more important aspects of working with building safety is to acquire the proper safety gear. ERB Hard Hats fit the bill in all respects regardless of your work environment. Their certifications and complete line of accessories to support them make it possible for firms to standardize around their gear and upgrade - [...]

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Are you ready for football season?

Show off your favorite team with one of our NFL hard hats!https://www.tasco-safety.com/categories/nfl-hard-hats.html

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Funny Post

Safety fail of the day. This guy needs to check out our safety helmet selection. https://www.tasco-safety.com/

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Check out our clearance items!

Check out our recent clearance items. Factory discontinues, over orders, etc., give you a chance to stock up on needed safety products. These items have got to go to make room for new inventory. Quantities are limited so order now. Snap up these safety products at bargain basement prices.https://www.tasco-safety.com/categories/clearance-and-markdowns.html

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Safety tip of the day

Safety tip of the day! Lift objects properly! Back aches are every construction worker’s number one enemy. While it’s easy to get injured by carrying heavy loads, it’s not that hard to avoid this hazard altogether. Remember to always bend your knees and to avoid twisting to the side when lifting. To maintain balance, [...]

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Construction Safety Products at T.A.S.C.O.

When working in construction, safety is the single most important factor that workers and employers alike must consider. At Texas America Safety Company, worker safety has always been our first priority. T.A.S.C.O. sells a wide variety of products including hard hats, safety vests, safety glasses, gloves, and so much more. Moreover, at T.A.S.C.O., customers aren’t [...]

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