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Customization Options for Your Unique Hard Hat

Sep 5th 2018

Did you know that you can customize your hard hat? No more boring grey or black for you! Consider having your logo or motto put on your hard hat to impress everyone at work!

Just because your hard hat is customized doesn’t mean you have to short yourself on hard hat features. You can completely cover your professional hard hat in any picture ready logo or design of your choice, no matter what type of hard hat you prefer.

Customizable Cap-Style Hard Hats

Customizable Cap-Style Hard HatThe first common option you have for your hat is the cap style brim. These generally comes with a four-point ratchet strap and a full brim to cover your eyes from the sun and the rain. They also come in Class 1, Class C, E, and G levels of protection. Your choice. With a cap style hard hat, you can have your high-quality logo or motto fully integrated onto the hat. Each customized hat is individually dipped to ensure quality. This means that you can have your logo placed anywhere on the cap you like or indeed all over the hard hat.

Customizable Full-Brim Hard Hats

The second main option you have is a full brim construction hard hat. Again, your picture, logo, or motto can be fully customized. Each full brim hat comes with adjustable ratchet suspension that fits most adults. Generally, the type of hard hats used come in Class 1, Class C, E, and G. With a full brim option, you get neck protection as well as sun and rain. You also get more hat to customize!

Professional Custom Hard Hats

Want to make several hats as a gift or with your company logo? The process is easy. Just make sure that you have the artwork, color choice, and amount you want to order, and get in touch with us approximately two weeks before the order is required.

The material is firmly embedded into the hard hat shell, the design is weather resistant, and your hard hat comes with a glossy coating to help protect your design.

Don’t have a design in mind? Take a look through our website and see what can be done. Tons of colors, logos, or styles can be made to fit your unique specifications.

Hard Hat Stickers and Logos

Hard Hat Stickers and LogosWhat if you don’t want to cover your hard hat completely? You can also choose to have just your name or small logo added to the front of the hard hat. This process is a little simpler than having your hard hat fully covered. You can choose four different colors - black, white, red, or blue for your name on the hard hat. Want to put your logo in a different place? You have your choice of four different locations - left side, right side, front, or back.

You could choose to support your favorite sports team, or maybe the local ball club with a logo on your hat. Maybe you want to keep your family close to remind you what you are working for? You could have one photo or several added to your hat. You could even show your patriotism by having a flag or eagle imprinted on your hard hat. There are so many options available, why not? Have a problem with someone making off with your hard hat on the site? Put your name on it! The process is a lot simpler and your hat can be made in as little as one day.

ERB Hard Hat Imprinting

Worried about how safe a customized construction hard hat is? We offer ERB Hard Hat Imprinting services too. ERB is renowned for its safety features. ERB hard hats are ANSI class rated and help to protect your head from falling debris. For the best comfort and fit, ERB offers hard hats with four-point, pin lock, and ratchet suspensions.

MSA Hard Hat Imprinting

What if you want an MSA Hard Hat? MSA is the worldwide leader in worker protection and safety products. With inside padding and a four-point ratchet system, you can count on safety and comfort.

Pyramex Hard Hat Imprinting

You could also choose a Pyramex Hat. Pyramex Hats are made of ABS material - strong, yet ultra-light, with a ratchet suspension to easily adjust and modify the fit while wearing a hard hat, and it meets all ANSI Z89.1-2014 standards and more.

Hydro-Dipped Hard Hats

In fact, any hard hat manufacturer of your choice can be used.

The process used to make your hard hat fully customized is called hydro dipping. One of the reasons this method is used is that it provides a three-dimensional surface with a patterned design. This process goes by several different names such as water transfer printing, water transfer imaging, cubic printing, and immersion printing. Many different types of materials can be covered with this process. This maintains the safety of the hard hat while providing a usable surface to customize.

You have to wear a hard hat every day. Safety and your wellbeing count on it. Why not make it your own with customization? Think about all the things that you are proud of. Your family, your God, your country, or maybe your favorite NASCAR driver. Why not declare it to the world? Show them what’s important to you. Have your own hard hat customized and be unique in your industry. Maybe you want several made? That can be done too. Show off your company logo so you can see at a glance who your people are on the construction site. Customizing hard hats makes it easy!

Take a chance and be unique in your hard hat. Make it a present for someone you love and want to protect, or just get custom made ones for your company. Whatever you choose, the options are endless.