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Support Your Favorite Professional Football Team with Our Customizable Hard Hats

Oct 4th 2018

NFL Football fans are one of the hardest working groups of people in the world. From the high rises of New York to the ports of Los Angeles, millions of NFL fans earn their money the old-fashioned way - working with their hands. Like the NFL’s players, these hard workers know that protecting yourself so you can make it back to the job tomorrow is a big part of the “game” of life.

nfl hard hats

Anywhere you see old-fashioned hard work you will see hard hats. They are as critical to construction, maintenance, freight loading, and other jobs as they are to the men of the NFL. Hard hats have traditionally been a plain piece of personal protective equipment that most that are required to wear them would rather skip.

Now, there is a way to keep the hard hats on the teams in the field around the country! Making the hard hat an appreciated point of pride is the key and by adding officially licensed NFL markings and colors to their custom hard hat lineup, these organizations are ready to get hard hats off the bench and into prime time!

Safe, Comfortable, Secure

Why a custom hard hat? Our ratcheting or pin lock suspension systems guarantee your new hard hat will fit comfortably, securely, and safely. Hat sizes from 6.5 to eight are available in the standard product line. Because our standard line is widely accepted, we can offer replacement pin and ratchet suspension systems when you finally wear the original out.

Wearing a branded hard hat certainly does not mean that you have to compromise on safety. Each of the NFL-branded hard hats is certified to comply with OSHA requirements by fulfilling the requirements set forth in ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 type one class C, E, & G standards. Canadian requirements outlined in standard CSA Z94.1-2005 are also met by the construction of this protective equipment.

NFL licensed hard hats are ready for shipping without delay. Most orders ship within a single business day.

When the whole team is ready to purchase hard hats together, it is possible to save money! Buy at least three hard hats and the price of each is $1.00 less than the listed price. At least six hard hats that ship together will get $1.50 off the price of each. Buy 12 or more of these hard hats and get a $2.00 per hat discount! That is like buying 11 helmets and getting one free! NFL fans can’t afford to pass on this opportunity to team up for savings!

Think hard hats are just for work? That is only half the story! NFL fans look forward to showing up to games, viewing parties, and tailgate cookouts wearing the best team merchandise. A hard hat with an NFL color scheme shouts “I’m a true fan every day of the week!” while providing protection from sun and rain much better than a cheap cotton cap could ever hope to. Serious fans know that NFL hard hats are the right way to cap off an outfit that is sure to draw the camera during a television broadcast to make sure friends at home get a long look at the crew having a great time in the stands.

Improve Safety Compliance

dallas cowboys hard hat

Safety has been treated as an ugly duckling at job sites for years. Good employees have suffered in accidents countless times because their personal protective equipment just wasn’t being worn in the right way. Glasses that fogged, steel toes that were too heavy and hard hats that wouldn’t stay on consistently have led to protective gear being shirked just when it was truly needed. Offering a crew the opportunity to wear a favorite team’s colors is taking a step to eliminate these lost time accidents. Seldom will a crewmember grab an ill-fitting generic hard hat from the group toolbox when the alternative is a team-specific lid that is tied to a feeling of pride.

NFL licensed hard hats also have the potential to decrease incidents of lost safety equipment. When a full crew wears nearly identical headwear it is easy for someone to leave a hard hat somewhere it doesn’t belong and simply grab another from a more convenient location later. When each crewmember is wearing their pride on their hat, it is much easier to tell which hat belongs to each crewmember even from a distance

Recognizing less experienced crew members can also be an attractive feature of NFL licensed hard hats. When hard hats featuring team logos are earned through incentive programs such as a number of accident-free hours a supervisor will know long-term safe employees when they are present. Newer, less experienced employees will be readily identified by their lack of a branded hard hat. In this way, senior team members can be easily paired with “green” crewmembers to ensure that good habits are passed from person to person within the group.

Show Pride in Your Team

The numbers of reasons that NFL licensed hard hats are right for a team of hard-working fans is nearly limitless. There are very few products that can evoke the same kind of pride and loyalty that an NFL fan’s favorite team colors and logo can evoke. Tying the daily work to the consistent performance of a team’s players will help team members to remember the importance of safety, availability, and constantly improving abilities.

Studies have shown that a team that is appreciated will work harder than a team that is simply pushed. When permission is given to add personality to the PPE through the use of NFL logos and colors, it is easy for crewmembers to see that they are trusted and appreciated.

Failing to order NFL licensed hard hats is almost a safety hazard in itself in light of all the benefits that can be reaped from the hard hats. Detrimental effects from the product are limited, and likely won’t exist on the vast majority of work sites. NFL-licensed hard hats are right for hard-working crews from coast to coast and from continent to continent!