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Keep Someone You Care About Safe by Gifting One of Our Great Safety Products for Christmas

Oct 31st 2018

Safety First This Holiday Season

Texas America Safety Company specializes in safety equipment and we’ve been supplying it since 1992. We originally only worked with the oil and gas industry, but have expanded to serve all businesses and individuals. Our main facility is located in Brownwood, Texas, and we have been selling safety equipment direct from our website since 1996.

Obviously, the main thing that we focus on is safety but we also want to provide safety gear to people that will allow them to express their own unique personalities. What makes the items on our site especially great for gift giving is that we can ship to most places within one business day and we have a no-hassle return policy (just in case you pick the wrong thing for your friend or loved one).

If you are having a hard time trying to decide what to get your loved one for Christmas, take a look through our gift section. There are tons of different options to choose from to keep your family safe. The list of equipment available includes hard hats, protective clothing, safety glasses, safety vests, safety gloves, work gloves, and so much more.

Hard Hats for Christmas

Texas America Safety Company knows that a person’s hard hat is an extremely important piece of hardware for them. There is a huge array of hats to choose from here so that you can get exactly what is needed. With seven different categories to choose from you can make sure your loved one gets the exact hard hat they need.

You can pick a hydro dipped hard hat that offers personalized designs, a hat that is a favorite color, hats that have special designs on them, hats that list a supplier, hats that have a certain team on them (NBA, NCAA, NFL, NHL), a customized hat, and there are even hat accessories and different types of welding helmets to choose from.

Protective Clothing

The protective clothing section is as good a choice for a festive gift as the hard hat selection. There are many categories to choose from so that you can make a perfect gift choice. Choose from disposable coveralls, reusable coveralls, protective clothing for the arms, protective clothing for the body, protective clothing for the feet, and protective clothing for the head. You can even look at clothing sample packs or protective clothing storage.

All of the gear comes in sizes from small up to 5x so you can find exactly the right size. The products that are offered protect your body from many different hazards.

There are 11 different styles in the protective clothing for your body alone so there is a definite opportunity to customize the gear the way you think your loved one would want it. Sample packs are offered because there is no reason you should have to purchase a full case of items if you do not need them all. These sample packs are even more perfect as a gift.

Safety Glasses

tinted safety goggles

Texas America Safety Company offers many different types of safety glasses to choose from with many different suppliers and lenses. The nice thing is that these glasses can be for work or even for when there are chores that need to be done at home.

The different categories of glasses to choose from include application, tint, manufacturer, safety goggles, accessories, neck cord, side shields, storage dispensers, cleaning products, and storage bags. You will be able to find the perfect safety glasses to give to your loved one and know that they will be getting a quality product. It’s really a nice gift that shows you care.

Safety Vests

orange safety vest

Does your loved one ever work in a heavily trafficked area or outside at night? Here is another perfect solution to help keep them safe - safety vests. Texas America Safety Company offers mesh vests and a full line of ANSI approved safety vests, Class II safety vests, and Class III traffic safety vests. There are also surveyor vests and incident command vests.

You can search by application, by color, safety shirts, ANSI Class II safety vests, ANSI Class III Safety Vests, non-ANSI safety vests, imported safety vests, and customized safety vests. No matter what the person you are buying the vest for does, there is a safety vest (or shirt) that you can choose for them.

Safety Gloves and Work Gloves

Do you have a loved one who always wears gloves when they work? Texas America Safety Company has a wide variety of comfortable safety gloves to choose from also. The categories you are able to browse include glove design, glove material, glove application, Mechanix wear gloves, work gloves by the pair, and you can look at glove guard clips.

Look up glove care and maintenance, glove designs, glove sizing, glove strengths and uses, chemical resistance charts, and glove care and maintenance on our site. Your loved one will appreciate the new gloves they get.

….and More

This is not even close to all of the different products there are to choose from at Texas America Safety Company. We offer virtually any type of safety equipment you can think of. You will have no problem finding the perfect gift for your loved one. We want to make sure that everyone finds something that gives them the opportunity to express their individuality. Most of our employees that have been working with us have been here for more than five years including three generations of employees. We also have many key people working here who have been in the safety industry for over ten years and would have no problem answering your questions.

If you would rather speak to someone in person give us a call at 1-800-646-5346 and we will be more than happy to walk you through finding the perfect gift.