Connecticut health care facility cited for safety violations

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A Connecticut nursing home has been cited with over a dozen health and safety violations by OSHA.
A Connecticut nursing home has been cited with over a dozen health and safety violations by OSHA.

A safety inspection of Hebrew Home and Hospital Inc. carried out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has revealed 14 serious violations of workplace safety, the agency announced in an August 5 press release. For these citations, OSHA is penalizing the West Hartford, Connecticut facility $58,800 in fines and placing the company under its national nursing and residential care emphasis program. 

OSHA's investigation of the facility found that the employer failed to perform a hazard analysis, supply employees with face and eye protection, offer accessible emergency eyewash stations, improperly discard flammable rags, guard machinery or implement adequate bloodborne pathogen control procedures. Inspectors also found an abundance of electrical hazards throughout the company's kitchen, maintenance shop, laundry, pharmacy and central supply area. Warren Simpson, area director of OSHA's Hartford office, advised the necessity of amending these issues to ensure workplace safety.

"If uncorrected, these conditions can expose workers to the hazards of chemical burns, electric shock, fire, bloodborne pathogens and being caught in operating machinery," said Simpson in an official statement. "Effective steps must be taken to correct these conditions and prevent their recurrence."

OSHA's national emphasis on nursing and residential care centers is aimed at protecting employees from health hazards frequently found in the medical industry. Under this campaign, OSHA inspects nursing homes and similar facilities with the hopes of reducing exposure to blood and other infectious materials, hazardous chemicals, communicable diseases, workplace violence and common slips, trips and falls.

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