Winter Liner with Removable Mouthpiece

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Cold Weather Liners
Item LM660w
Extra Long Neck, Navy Blue
Hard Hat Zero Hoods

To fight back against the cold, you need the right gear. The Occunomix winter liner with removable mouthpiece is a comprehensive product, and it offers great value for the money. Since it covers almost every inch of your face, it traps your own body heat.

The heat will remain trapped under the liner, so it will keep you warm for hours. When you’re working outside in the cold, your body produces metabolic heat. If you’re not wearing a liner to trap the heat, then all of your metabolic heat will escape and go to waste. The Occunomix winter liners on this page are made of heavy-duty materials and can be purchased in a stylish navy color.

Although they’re ideal for winter, you can wear them any time of the year. The liners on this page are made with an extra-long liner. Each liner is made with two layers of protective fabric. You get superior protection from fleece lined twill and polyester. The removable mouthpiece is also a useful accessory.

The red lining on the inside will keep you warm and make you look good. With an extra-long neck length, these liners cover even more of your body, so they’re able to trap even more body heat than usual. You even have the option of using your favorite warming packs with these winter liners.

  • Stylish red lining
  • Two layers of protective lining
  • Made with fleece lined twill and polyester
  • Extra-long neck for superior coverage
  • Two layers, Navy shell, red lining.
  • Extra Long kneck length with removable mouth piece.


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