Sunsoft WHITE Isolation Gown ~ Full Back, with Elastic wrists ~ Neck and Waist Ties

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Sunsoft® WHITE Isolation Gown
SunSoft® is a lightweight, spunbonded polypropylene fabric with a polyethylene coating. Polyethylene film is impervious and non-linting. Garments made of SunSoft protect workers against chemical dusts, paint sprays, asbestos and other solid airborne dusts.

SunSoft® is a strong fabric with excellent tensile and tear resistance. SunSoft is ideal for spray and splatter from water and other non-oil-based liquids and provides economical protection against non-hazardous, grimy-work environment applications.

The SunSoft® white isolations gowns featured on this page are like our other gowns, but they're made with a white color. The purpose of the ties is to give the worker superior adjustability, so the best fit can be achieved.

These gowns are sold in cases of 50, and they're made from spun-bonded, lightweight polypropylene material. An additional layer of protection is added in the form of a polyethylene film, which is non-linting and impervious.

Most SunSoft® garments can protect workers against airborne dusts, asbestos and paint sprays. SunSoft® is a very strong fabric, and it features superb tensile strength. It also offer unmatched tear resistance. You'll find it difficult to source an economical material that delivers the same level of protection. The SunSoft material is actually designed to protect against water spray and splatter.

However, it also protects against liquids that aren't oil based. If you need protection for grimy work conditions, then these isolation gowns should be considered. They're some of the best products that we have for this purpose. You get a protective, comfortable gown and can use the elastic ties to further adjust the fit.
  • Spun-bonded SunSoft® material is lightweight and protective
  • Has polyethylene coating for enhanced durability
  • Protects workers against paint sprays, chemical dusts and asbestos
  • Resists many types of liquids
  • Ideal for dirty worksites

SKU ~ T1410-55
Sunsoft WHITE Isolation Gown
Full Back and Elastic Wrists
Neck and Waist Ties


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