Polypropylene YELLOW Isolation Gown with Elastic Wrists, Neck and Waist Ties (50 per case), One Size

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Polypropylene YELLOW Isolation Gown
The Sunrise® polypropylene yellow isolation gowns available for purchase on this page are colored yellow, and they have elastic wrists, waist and neck ties. The elastic ties help to give the wearer a better fit. The problem with many types of protective gear is that they don't fit.

The elastic ties that these gowns have ensure a proper fit, so workers can focus on work and avoid having to check whether or not the gown fits properly. These isolation gowns are sold in cases of 50, and they're available in a single size, which is designed to fit most adults.

Each gown is made out of spun-bonded polypropylene material, so it's a great product to wear in non-toxic environments. It's also a very economical option for workers who need protection against a dirty workplace. The spun-bonded polypropylene material is especially useful for dirty environments because it's a breathable, lightweight fabric.

It provides great economical protection against grimy, non-hazardous work. Due to the limits of the material, it's not recommended for use in hazardous environments. These yellow isolation gowns are designed to cover the majority of the body, and since they have elastic waist, neck and wrist ties, they're particularly easy to adjust for a comfortable fit.
  • Yellow Color
  • Ideal for non-hazardous worksites
  • Offers great protection in dirty environments
  • Spun-bonded polypropylene fabric is breathable and lightweight
  • Resists dirt and grime
  • Elastic ties deliver superior fit

SKU ~ T326
YELLOW Isolation Gown
Elastic Wrists
Neck And Waist Ties
(50 Per Case)
One Size


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