Sunsoft BLUE Isolation Gown with Elastic Wrists, Neck and Waist Ties (30 per case) Regular Size

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Sunsoft® BLUE Isolation Gown
SunSoft® is a lightweight, spunbonded polypropylene fabric with a polyethylene coating. Polyethylene film is impervious and non-linting. Garments made of SunSoft protect workers against chemical dusts, paint sprays, asbestos and other solid airborne dusts.

SunSoft® is a strong fabric with excellent tensile and tear resistance. SunSoft is ideal for spray and splatter from water and other non-oil-based liquids and provides economical protection against non-hazardous, grimy-work environment applications.

The SunSoft® blue isolation gowns that we've featured on this page can protect workers from dirty worksites. The blue color helps to keep workers visible and makes identification easier. Like our yellow isolations gowns, the products on this page have elastic neck, wrist and waist ties, and they're sold in packs of 30.

These gowns are sold in a regular size, so they should fit most adults. The SunSoft® blue isolation gowns are designed to be lightweight and durable. Since it's likely that workers will wear them for several hours, it's important for the gowns to be lightweight.

They're made from spun-bonded polypropylene fabric, and for additional protection, each gown has a polyethylene coating. The polyethylene film has been added to these gowns because it's impervious.

Like all of the other garments produced by SunSoft®, these isolation gowns are designed to protect workers from asbestos, chemical dusts, paint sprays and airborne dust particles. SunSoft® is a strong fabric and offers great tensile strength. It protects workers against spray and splatter, and it's ideal for grimy work conditions.
  • Created with spun-bonded polypropylene fabric
  • Made with polyethylene coating
  • Polyethylene is impervious
  • SunSoft fabric has superior tear resistance and tensile strength
  • Protects workers against splatter and spray
  • Great economical protection for dirty work environments

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Sunsoft® BLUE
Isolation Gown
Elastic Wrists Neck and Waist Ties
(50 per case)
Regular Size


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