Reflective Strips for Hard Hats (All Colors)

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Reflective Strips for Hard Hats
A lot of people understand that workplace safety is important, but they might not realize that there is a strong connection between safety and visibility. To be safe, you must be seen. This statement is true for every type of work environment. Every member of the team should be visible at all times. Reflective strips for hard hats make this goal much more accomplishable.

Since reflective strips reflect light back to the source, they’re ideal for facilities and warehouses where low-light conditions are present. By adding a reflective strip to every hard hat, you can make sure every worker is visible. These strips are especially useful for firefighters because these individuals are constantly exposed to dangerous, low-light conditions.

The incredible visibility boost provided by these strips offers superior protection for night workers but can even help during daylight hours. The ERB reflective strips are designed to be placed on all sides of the helmet, so they’re able to enhance visibility from every angle.

To make sure you get the best products for your unique situation, we carry these strips in three different colors. The strips are sold in pairs, and you can choose from fluorescent orange, silver and lime colors. The dimensions of each strip are 1” wide by 4” long, so they cover enough space on a helmet to add a visibility boost that actually helps.

The ERB reflective hard hat strips are ideal for night workers because these individuals are constantly exposed to low-light conditions. The fluorescent colors guarantee a high level of visibility, so workers are less likely to be involved in a dangerous accident, which could cause severe injuries or death.

Since ERB reflective strips are designed for hard hats, they’re also made to withstand extreme weather conditions. The strips can resist heavy rain, strong winds and abrasive particles.
  • High visibility, excellent for night workers
  • For placement on all sides of helmet
  • Dimensions 1" Wide X 4" Long
  • Available in Fluorescent Lime, Silver and Orange
  • Sold in pairs
SKU ~ 19569   Reflective Strips
for Hard Hats


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