Reflective Strips for Hard Hat ~ SILVER

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Reflective Strips for Hard Hats
By default, most hard hats deliver a decent amount of visibility. They help you to stay visible while you’re working in a hazardous environment. However, the default level of visibility provided by standard hard hats isn’t always enough.

Our reflective strips for hard hats increase visibility and make workers easier to see in low-light conditions. The reflective strips bounce light back towards the source, so they’re especially useful for night workers. By reflecting the light from headlights, these stickers keep you visible and safe.

Although they work exceptionally well at night, they even make workers easier to see during the day. These reflective strips are sold in pairs, so you can place one strip on each side of your hard hat. The strips are available in fluorescent lime, silver and orange, so you can choose the colors that work best for your needs. Each reflective strip measures 1” by 4”.

The huge boost in visibility makes these strips ideal for night workers, but they’re helpful when using during any time of day. The strips are designed to be applied to hard hats, but you can attach them to virtually any object.
  • The strips are sold in pairs
  • Choose from bright fluorescent silver, lime and orange colors
  • Each strip measures 1” by 4”
  • Can be placed on every side of your hard hat
  • Especially helpful for night workers

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Reflective Strips for Hard Hats


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