Pyramex Nylon Hard Hat Adapter for Full Brim Hats

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Black Hard Hat Adapter

Full brim hard hats provide better protection than cap style hats. They give you better protection from ultraviolet rays and falling objects. However, if you’re looking for maximum protection from these hazards, you’ll also need to wear a face shield. The problem is that most face shields aren’t made to be directly attached to hard hats.

To attach most types of face shields to a full brim hard hat, you’ll want to consider our Pyramex nylon hard hat adapter for full brim hats. Since these adapters are specifically made for full brim hats, they make it very easy to install almost any face shield to the brim of the hat. They’re considered full brim versions of the standard Pyramex hard hat adapters.

You’ll find that these adapters are compatible with most face shields, so you don’t have to feel limited to a very narrow range of face protection. Each adapter is created with a universal design, so it will fit most protective masks.

The adapters are made from durable nylon, so they can withstand a lot of abuse in the workplace. What really sets these adapters apart from similar products is the ease of use. You can have an adapter attached and ready to use within seconds. It doesn’t take a genius to use an adapter and connect a face shield to a hard hat. You’ll be blown away by how easy these products are to use.

  • Designed for installation on full brim hard hats
  • Made with heavy-duty nylon for exceptional durability and functionality
  • Works with most types of face shields
  • Exceeds the crucial ANSI Z87.1 safety standards
  • For Full Brim Style hard hats
  • Constructed from durable nylon with protective plastic coated tension spring
  • Universal sizing fits most full brim hard hats and accommodates a variety of faceshields
  • Exceeds ANSI Z87.1 Requirements
SKU ~ HHABW   Pyramex
Hard Hat Adapter
for Full Brim Hats


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