ERB Standard Mesh Face Shield

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ERB Standard Mesh Face Shield


NOTE:  This is only the mesh face shield.  Does not come with the adapter


The ERB standard mesh face shields can protect your face from flying objects, and they’re especially useful when you need protection against debris. We carry face shields in several different varieties. We have dark green, clear, aluminum mesh, polycarbonate clear and standard clear.

The reality is that many types of work are very dangerous. Without a face shield, you’re leaving your whole face vulnerable to hazards. Many jobs require workers to handle pressurized objects, which have the potential to explode and send debris flying towards your face.

A protective face shield can protect you from blindness caused by an impact with flying objects. Every year, hundreds of workers are involved in serious accidents, and a large percentage of these accidents involve injuries to the face. If you want to avoid becoming a statistic, consider our ERB standard mesh face shields. Since these are universal products, they’re compatible with standard adapters.

Features Include:
  • Protects your face against flying objects
  • Can be used with most standard adapters
  • Made with durable mesh material
Made in the USA
SKU ~ 15157   ERB Standard
Mesh Face Shield
(Faceshield only)


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