ERB Reflective Neck Shields Lime

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Reflective Neck Shields Lime

When outdoor temperatures begin to soar, construction work can get uncomfortable. In fact, any outdoor work that exposes you to heat can become very difficult to accomplish. Many daytime flaggers know the pain of heat exhaustion all too well. To fight back against severe heat, you should consider getting some ERB reflective neck shields.

These products are great for environments that require high visibility, which is almost every worksite imaginable. These neck shields allow you to keep cool while on the job. They’re made from durable mesh and can be attached easily to your hard hat. If you need to protect your neck from the damaging effects of direct sunlight, these reflective neck shields will work well.

The reflective properties are what make these shields particularly useful for night workers. By reflecting light back to the source, these shields increase worker visibility, which increases overall safety in the workplace. Each shield is designed to cover your ears and neck.

With an adjustable elastic band, you can make sure every shield fits perfectly. These neck shields are made to attach to the brim of the hard hat. They’re created with ultra-lightweight polyester mesh, so you don’t have to worry about too much strain on your neck. By allowing air to circulate freely, the material helps you to stay cool and keeps perspiration evaporating efficiently.

Features Include:
  • Ensures efficient evaporation of sweat to keep you cool
  • Installs within seconds
  • Can be attached to any hard hat
  • Choose from two different colors
  • Comfortable
  • Elastic fits all size hard hats
  • Lightweight
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Reflective Neck Shields Lime


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    Great for high vis.

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 29th 2020

    Helpful and does the job. Good for safety and some protection from the sun. But does stay on the hard hat the best.